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Kathy Gamble Ballet provides quality ballet training for beginners to advanced dancers. Each level requires intensive training to master the art of ballet. Students must commit to a schedule that guarantees sufficient practice time to retain terminology and achieve perfect positioning. Although countries and regions have various approaches to ballet training, Kathy Gamble Ballet focuses on the chief underlying principles of ballet that transcend the boundaries of style and are the foundational principles for all other dance genres. Mastering ballet enables students to apply their skills to numerous other styles and sports such as:

Contemporary Ballet–Most often performed barefoot, this style is less concerned with turn out and more concerned with floor work and natural body lines. It is heavily influenced by the move toward abstract ballet and the desire to convey emotions.
Neoclassical Ballet – Similar to classical ballet, the neoclassical style incorporates non-traditional technique, modernity, complex technical moves, and fast-paced music.
Romantic Ballet–Also called ballet blanc, in this classical ballet style, ballerinas perform graceful pointe work and wear fluffy white tutus.

For potential students interested in learning ballet, Kathy Gamble Ballet offers suitable classes and training taught by a highly trained teacher who genuinely cares about the craft of dance. Choose to experience the long-lasting effects of studying ballet through the Kathy Gamble Ballet studio.

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