Classical Ballet

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Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet | Kathy Gamble Ballet - New Orleans, LA

Classical ballet combines various techniques and methods that focus on developing core strength and flexibility for turnout in the hips and feet. Classical ballet introduces dancers to the precise body placement and movements that correspond with ballet terminology.

Based on French terminology for battle, ballet vocabulary is an essential aspect of classical ballet training. Kathy Gamble Ballet studio emphasizes learning correct terms and corresponding movements.

Methods of teaching classical ballet vary. Kathy Gamble follows in the footsteps of Lelia Haller, her mentor, in using French, Russian, and Italian techniques. Each approach teaches students to develop greater body consciousness and awareness, to internalize the basic principles of technique in their body memory, and to develop grace and drama in expressing music. Students learn various basic approaches before they progress to more advanced stages.

Technique and Form–Ensures proper movements, turnout, extensions, and lines, while minimizing risks of injury.
Pointe Work–Extensive training and practice are required to develop the strength and technique needed for pointe work.
Adagio and Allegro–Variations that teach students how to delay, hasten, and elongate moves for dramatic effect.
Improvisation–Students learn to use their individual technical flair to create their own ballets and other dances.

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